Custom Kits

The Community Website Kit – designed for those who need a basic website that gets you started on the internet.   


  • Initial custom design, development and publication fee: from $229
  • Recurring annual website maintenance fee: $192 (includes website hosting).
  • Domain Setup Fee – $25 (one time only)
  • Domain Renewal – $15/year
  • First Year Start-up Total from above:  $461
  • Second Year and following – annual website Maintenance and hosting: $192


  • Includes a fully functional basic website that allows a community member to manage the content, while my company manages the business advertising.
  • This kit is the fastest way to get you started as I will help you create a custom site and get you trained on the key website features.
  • An optional blog is also available that can provide interactive communication using comments by participants.

The Professional Website Kit: from $599 + (annual hosting, website maintenance and domain renewal  fees)

  • Includes all of the Community Kit plus a variety of advanced website and blogging features including slide shows, videos, topical index, and feature rich training.

The Entrepreneur Website Kitfrom $799 + (annual hosting maintenance and domain renewal fees)

  • Be part of the team!  Includes all of the first two kits plus enough information to be in the affiliate program.  Optionally, you have access to a database of blog articles, photographs, consulting on target market advertising, consulting on promotional video scripts and other sales collateral.

Website Accessory Kits: from $9.99 for 10 photos

  • Photograph Packs are available that are royalty free – you may select to purchase a photo pack that includes ten photographs within a single category.  Category examples: birds, water, nature, flowers, etc. Each of the photographs can be used to enhance your blog article or create an individual slide show.  There are a variety of categories to choose from and new photos are added frequently .  Some categories, like birds, have sub-categories for specific types of birds.  For example:  Cardinal.  Click the “Photo Packs” page to learn more.

Note:  Additional fee based consulting support is available at $40/hour for all kits.