Video Services

Hello and welcome.  Are you looking for someone to help you promote your business, product, idea, book, website, CD or service?  Bg Web Connect Video services offers three different media packages that can match your budget and deliver a quality video that is published on-line, burned to a CD or DVD.  We work together to create a custom high quality media package that you will definitely want to share.  Call 816-224-2330 and ask for Bill.

Hobbyist Package – This media package is designed for individuals that want a combined slide show of photos, text and audio to deliver an important message without spending a lot of money.   Features include:  Title and Ending Slides, slide transitions, audio clips, image enhancements. This package is limited to a single audio and video track with minimal special effects.   Typically, these videos are 5 minutes or less and are designed for a variety of short topics such as a music CD, family memories, special events, or self promotion.  Many YouTube videos could be in this category.  Prices may vary from the standard $59/published minute, depending on scope. Click here for a sample:

Enhanced Package – This is the preferred high quality package.  This video is designed for individuals who are more serious about a selected topic and want to utilize special effects that truly enhance the quality of the content.  This video will make you proud.  Features include:  A combination of up to 25 multi-track audio, photos, video clips, custom voice over recordings, media editing and special effects such as animation, Picture In Picture (PIP) and particle (snow, rain, etc).    Typical examples include:  an instructional video, short interviews or a documentary, new CD release, or any special events like graduations or anniversaries.  Prices may vary from the standard $129/published minute depending on special effects and scope. Click here for a sample:

Professional Package – This is not a Hollywood feature film, but this package is designed for small businesses who want to utilize all the capabilities of video editing, chroma key, photo shoots, customer motion designs, paint animations and audio mixing to get the highest quality 1080p HD video in either 2D or 3D with up to 100 recording tracks. Examples include: new Product or Service promotion, documentary, new business start-up and on-site video capture.  Prices vary from the standard $229/published minute depending on scope, special effects, PIP, editing cycles and photo shoots.   Each professional video is completely custom and is quoted on an individual project basis.  [see upcoming video on new business startup – Visual Media Projects, LLC]