Internet advertising is a proven method to successfully promote your business to a global audience.

Want to place an ad on one or all of my sites?   Call Bill Barker at 816-224-2330 for current promotional discounts.  My advertising is based on “repetitive exposure” using a global audience.   Obviously the more days the ad exists, the more exposure your business will receive.  Each website is frequently updated with new content to keep the viewers returning for more information.

You have two choices for advertising.

1. First Page Ads (3 month minimum)

Each front page ads are located on the right side of each website.  The first page will never have more than three ads.  This is done by using only three locations called Tiers. Each ad is located below the other one except for the top tier.  All pricing is based on the number of days advertised and the Tier level .  For example, a typical Tier 1, three month ad is priced at less than $150 without any promotional discounts, when the customer supplies the content.  For a real live example, click the “Examples” page at the top of this website.  Tier 2 and 3 ads are less expensive respectively.

2Second page adds are $10/month (3 month minimum).

Each second page ad is posted in sequence based on a first come first serve basis.   No more than 10 ads will be posted at any one time.  The second page ad includes:  Your logo, a brief business summary, and your website link.  Each ad is removed when it becomes expired, then the other ads move up the list.

Special Promotional Pricing is offered at various times of the year.  And additional discounts are available for annual purchases.

Simple Advertising Policy:
1.  All ad content must be family friendly, or “G” rated for all ages and must be both moral and legal.
2.  Advertisers should consider offering their products or services in a manner that could potentially benefit the association members.
3.  Advertisers may choose to supply all the ad content and only pay a standard advertiser posting charge, or may work with my company to develop the ad content together, where additional charges could apply.
4.  To learn more about getting started, contact Bill Barker at 816-224-2330 or email to: